Wells Chess Club

Rapidplay Event coming to Wells!!

We are delighted to announce that following the success of the Inaugural Chess Congress in March, Wells will be hosting an Autumn Rapidplay Event on 5th October at Wells Town Hall. We hope to be able to accommodate around 70-80 players on the day. It will be 6 rounds with a time format of 25m with no increments.

We are in the process of creating the booking page for this event so please check in with us towards the end of June and we will have it up and running.


Welcome to Wells Chess Club. We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the joys and benefits of chess.

There are 25-30 members of Wells Chess Club with many regularly competing in the Somerset League as well as regional and national tournaments. Our players abilities range from beginners up to 2300. We're pleased to offer coaching from a FIDE trainer and current Somerset Champion, so no matter your skill level, we'll help you improve and have fun.

We are also now confirmed as an ECF Junior Development Pathway Club which is very exciting and see our Junior Club page for more details.

Join us at the White Hart on Sadler Street in Wells every Wednesday from 7.30pm, or attend our Junior Club meeting from 6pm to 7pm!

Game of the Month - May 2024

GM Peter Wells, ENG - 2348 vs Oleksandr Matlak, UKR - 2142 (West of England Championships, 0-1)

Sasha Matlak v Peter Wells GM